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Portable Lullaby Device & Travel’n’Go Battery Pack Set

This is our must have BrumBaby set that includes the portable lullaby device and our Travel’n’Go Battery Pack – this

Portable Soothing Aid/Lullaby Device

BrumBaby's Portable Soothing Aid & Lullaby device is the perfect companion to any road trip. Its comforting acoustic version of twinkle twinkle little star, is designed to help settle your child off to sleep whilst you are on the road, on holiday or visiting friends and family. Being in unfamiliar surroundings can be hard for a child, so this familiar lullaby will help make your child feel more at home when they are not.   Our product is CE Marked and meets the RoHS accreditation scheme. Its rechargeable design means there is no need to carry batteries and can be recharged on the move. Its small and compact design means that it does not require a lot of space in your change bag, hand bag or suitcase. Our portable soothing device is slightly larger than the average credit or debit card and is approximately half a centimetre thick. No bulky designs but no restriction on functionality or build quality.

Travel’n’Go Portable Battery Pack

  Our Travel’n’Go Battery Pack has a robust design, sleek and compact size and stylish finish. Its sizeable 2600MaH capacity