About Us

BrumBaby is designed to be the perfect travel companion for any parent. Whether you have a Newborn or Toddler, BrumBaby is there to help settle your child to sleep either on the move. Its sleek and compact design means it can fit in the tightest of spaces, when it is at a premium for any parent within a pushchair or changing bag. BrumBaby features a unique rechargable design, meaning you can simply recharge on the move at anywhere at anytime!


  • Hook or Clip BrumBaby to your bag, pushchair or car seat on the move
  • Press the star button on the front to begin the soothing lullaby
  • Watch your child fall to sleep and enjoy the peace
  • Press the star button on the front to stop the lullaby
  • When its used its battery, hook it up to a USB charging port to recharge!

Email Id: sales@brumbaby.com