Helps soothe your little one off to sleep on the move

Designed to be the perfect travel companion for any parent. Whether you have a Newborn or Toddler, BrumBaby is there to help settle your child to sleep either at home or on the move.

Sleek and compact design

Fits in the tightest of spaces – a premium for any parent within a pushchair or changing bag.

BrumBaby features a unique rechargeable design, meaning you can simply recharge on the move at anywhere at any time!

Rest Easy

BrumBaby is CE marked and RoHS accredited so when the device is in use you know your little one can sleep safely and soundly.

Soothing lullaby

The soothing lullaby is designed to be familiar to your child and when they hear it settle to sleep easier than other more unfamiliar sounds.

Hook or Clip BrumBaby to your bag, pushchair or car seat on the move

Its hook and chain attachment means that it can be put anywhere or secured onto a D ring so that it does not go missing when you are on your travels. It can also be looped to go round small tubes and fixings such as pushchair frame.

Available with Portable Powerpack

The BrumBaby device is designed to be rechargeable via a USB port as supplied. Some family days out are long and you may have forgotten to charge up either your BrumBaby device, Smartphone or tablet for the journey home and to help combat this first world problem, the well priced 2400mAh Portable Power Pack can be there in your hour of need! Its CE marked design and easy to use system combined with its compact shape and size makes it the must have for any road trip or holiday.

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What parents say

“After 8 months of a constant bedtime battle to get my son to settle off to sleep we were totally amazed when our first night using the BrumBaby device, he went to sleep straight away! So easy to use, compact and affordable I would highly recommend to all new parents. I only wish we bought one sooner.”

What parents say

We love our custom soothing aid, it’s small, compact and very neat. We usually have to use our phones for white noise which isn’t ideal, so this is just perfect! Delivery was very quick and Sam has been so helpful in getting us set up with the specific sound we wanted. Would definitely recommend this product to all Mum and Dads!


What parents say

I’ve brought 5 of these products so far. my two girls have one each and tonight they have both gone to bed holding them. A fantastic product which has been well thought out. The current babies in my care also fall asleep listening to this great product.